About Bella Bali

Hey Bella Bali babe! We're happy you're here.
Bella Bali was created to bring you a slice of paradise through internationally sourced fashion products. If you're looking for that beachy boho chic look, you've come to the right place!
Things to know about Bella Bali:

  1. We're Small - Yes, you heard right, we're just starting out! The best thing about being small is that we have more control over everything that is Bella Bali. Our content, our products, and most importantly, our customer relationships. 

  2. It All Started with a Trip to Bali - While traveling to Bali, the founder of the store felt a true sense of paradise, something she'd forgotten amidst her busy work life. With a background in merchandising, she wanted to bring this feeling to people in the best way she knew how, through fashion.

  3. We Ship Directly from our Suppliers - This may be something new to you! As a small company, we've found the best way to get our customers the best products for the best prices is by shipping directly from our suppliers. We work closely with our suppliers to make sure we our serving our customers with high quality, trendy products.

  4. We Want to See You Shine - Don't be shy! We want to hear from you and see how you style your Bella Bali looks. Be sure to follow and tag us on social - @shopbellabali